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economic indicator

economic indicator. A statistical measure (such as housing starts) used to describe the state of the economy or to predict its direction. See INDICATOR. lagging economic indicator. An economic indicator (such as new-home sales) that tends to respond to the direction of the economy. — Often shortened to lagging indicator. leading economic indicator. An economic

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indicator. Securities. An average or index that shows enough of a correlation to market trends or economic conditions that it can help analyze market performance. coincident indicator. An economic or market-activity index or indicator that shows changing trends near the same time that overall conditions begin to change. economic indicator. See ECONOMIC INDICATOR. lagging indicator.

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serological test

serological test (seer-[schwa]-loj-[schwa]-k[schwa]l). A blood examination to detect the presence of antibodies and antigens, as well as other characteristics, esp. as indicators of disease. • Many states require serological tests to determine the presence of venereal disease in a couple applying for a marriage license. See BLOOD TEST.

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vindicate, vb. 1. To clear (a person or thing) from suspicion, criticism, blame, or doubt (DNA tests vindicated the suspect). 2. To assert, maintain, or affirm (one’s interest) by action (the claimants sought to vindicate their rights through a class-action suit). 3. To defend (one’s interest) against interference or encroachment (the borrower vindicated its interest

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