magistratus (maj-[schwa]-stray-t[schwa]s), n. [fr. Latin magister “a master”] Roman law. 1. A magistrate. 2. A magistrate’s office. “Magistratus. Denotes both the public office and the official himself. Magistracy was a Republican institution; under the Principate some magistratus continued to exist but with gradually diminishing importance; in the post-Diocletian Empire some former magistracies still exist but

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banking day

banking day. 1. Banking hours on a day when a bank is open to the public for carrying on substantially all its banking functions. • Typically, if the bookkeeping and loan departments are closed by a certain hour, the remainder of that day is not part of that bank’s banking day. 2. A day on

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return of writ

return of writ. The sheriff’s bringing back a writ to the court that issued it, with a short written account (usu. on the back) of the manner in which the writ was executed. — Often shortened to return. See RETURN(1). [Cases: Execution 334; Sheriffs and Constables 87. C.J.S. Executions §§ 324–325; Sheriffs and Constables §§

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