barrister (bar-is-t[schwa]r), n. In England or Northern Ireland, a lawyer who is admitted to plead at the bar and who may argue cases in superior courts. • In many other Commonwealth nations, the legal profession is similarly divided into barristers and solicitors. Cf. SOLICITOR(4). — barristerial (bar-[ schwa]-steer-ee-[schwa]l), adj.

inner barrister.


2. A student member of an Inn of Court.

outer barrister. A barrister called to the bar, but not called to plead from within it, as a Queen’s Counsel or (formerly) serjeant-at-law is permitted to do; a barrister belonging to the outer bar.

— Also termed utter barrister. See CALL TO THE BAR; OUTER BAR.

vacation barrister. A barrister who, being newly called to the bar, for at least three years must attend inn-of-court functions that are held during the long vacation.

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