joint enterprise

joint enterprise.

1. Criminal law. An undertaking by two or more persons who set out to commit an offense they have conspired to. See CONSPIRACY. [Cases: Conspiracy 23.

1. C.J.S. Conspiracy §§ 98, 100–103, 110.]

2. Torts. An undertaking by two or more persons with an equal right to direct and benefit from the endeavor, as a result of which one participant’s negligence may be imputed to the others.

— Also termed (in senses 1 & 2) common enterprise. [Cases: Automobiles 198(4), 227.5; Negligence 575. C.J.S. Motor Vehicles §§ 973–977; Negligence§§ 268–280.]


4. A joint venture for noncommercial purposes. [Cases: Joint Adventures

1. C.J.S. Joint Ventures §§ 2–3.]

“A business relationship is needed for a joint venture but not for a joint enterprise. Thus, a joint enterprise may be defined as a non-commercial joint venture.” 46 Am. Jur. 2d Joint Ventures § 6, at 27 (1994).

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