revocation (rev-[schwa]-kay-sh[schwa]n), n.

1. An annulment, cancellation, or reversal, usu. of an act or power.

2. Contracts. Withdrawal of an offer by the offeror. Cf. REPUDIATION(2); RESCISSION; REJECTION(1). [Cases: Contracts 19; Sales 22(2), 23(2). C.J.S. Contracts § 63; Sales§ 32.]

3. Wills & estates. Invalidation of a will by the testator, either by destroying the will or by executing a new one. • A will, or parts of a will, may be revoked by operation of law. For example, most states have a statute providing for the revocation, upon divorce, of all provisions relating to the testator’s former spouse. [Cases: Wills 167–195. C.J.S. Wills §§ 386–428, 1621, 2026, 2030, 2036, 2039–2046, 2057–2062.] — revoke, vb.

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