surcharge, n.

1. An additional tax, charge, or cost, usu. one that is excessive.

2. An additional load or burden.

3. A second or further mortgage.

4. The omission of a proper credit on an account.

5. The amount that a court may charge a fiduciary that has breached its duty.

6. An overprint on a stamp, esp. one that changes its face value.

7. The overstocking of an area with animals. — surcharge, vb.

surcharge, vb.

1. To impose an additional (usu. excessive) tax, charge, or cost.

2. To impose an additional load or burden.

3. (Of a court) to impose a fine on a fiduciary for breach of duty.

4. To overstock (an area) with animals.

second surcharge. To overstock (a common) a second time for which a writ of second surcharge was issued.

surcharge and falsify. To scrutinize particular items in an account to show items that were not credited as required (to surcharge) and to prove that certain items were wrongly inserted (to falsify). • The courts of chancery usu. granted plaintiffs the opportunity to surcharge and falsify accounts that the defendant alleged to be settled.

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