derelict (der-[schwa]-likt), adj.

1. Forsaken; abandoned; cast away (derelict property). See quasi-derelict under DERELICT.

2. Lacking a sense of duty; in breach of a legal or moral obligation (the managers were derelict in their duties).

derelict, n.

1. Personal property abandoned or thrown away by the owner with no intent to claim it any longer, such as a ship deserted at sea. [Cases: Salvage

4. C.J.S. Salvage §§ 19, 22.]

quasi-derelict. A ship that has been deserted or abandoned temporarily or involuntarily, as when the crew is dead or otherwise incapable of navigating the ship. [Cases: Salvage

4. C.J.S. Salvage §§ 19, 22.]

2. Land uncovered by water receding from its former bed. [Cases: Navigable Waters 44; Waters and Water Courses 93. C.J.S. Navigable Waters § 94; Waters§§ 177–182, 184–185.]

3. A street person or vagrant; a hobo.

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